About BBS

Management Concept

BBS’ quality measure is to continue our support until our customer’s business restructuring produces benefits. We would like to be a partner who progresses with you.

The management environment surrounding companies is changing drastically. Companies are required to transform themselves and respond to the market promptly and appropriately, or in other words, “Management Innovation” is an essential condition for companies to grow, while various competitors present themselves from outside the country or industry frameworks. Supporting consulting corporates are required to produce concrete outcomes, going beyond proposing management strategies, reviewing operation systems, or proposing the introduction of new systems. We offer a one-stop comprehensive support service to ensure achievements which can satisfy our customer. We guarantee that we can convert our customer’s ideal model into a specific plan, and continue our support from structure sustainment to improvement via the PDCA. We share the ideal model with our customer, and support them with continuous profit generation and corporate value enhancement as a partner who progresses with them. BBS’ quality measure is to fulfill our engagement with our customer, and generate satisfactory outcomes. We remain firm in this approach for every project based on our unique philosophy which draws a clear line between our company and our competitors.