Service Philosophy

We offer a one-stop service which can solve management challenges and sustain your work restructuring.

BBS considers that our consultant’s mission is to embody our customer’s vision, and lead it to new value generation. In order to achieve this mission, our company’s management consultants, certified accountants, and system consultants cooperatively consider our customer’s business characteristics, organizational structure, and their policy, and exert their best efforts to support our customer to achieve their objectives.
We offer one-stop services from consulting, work restructuring, system development to the structure sustainment. Our characteristics are that we can provide all-round comprehensive services, and we are neither a mere consultant group or a system integrator, which draws a clear line between our company and other companies.
Furthermore, BBS group offers unique managed services based on specialized human resources, such as certified accountants, certified tax accountants, social insurance consultants, and SEs. These services differ from usual outsourcing services, and go beyond simple paperwork representative services in order to generate further profits for our customers.

We provide our customers with lasting full-support services from task classification and system materialization, to accomplishment validation.


BBS consulting services propose and embody the most appropriate improvement strategy, based on our customer’s vision. We do not deliver a mere best practice. Our consultant, who has professional know-how and years of experience in the field of management and IT, considers our customer’s objectives and business characteristics, and works together with our customer to depict and embody the “ideal model” , based on the methodology (M-SI: Management Systems integration).

System Integration

BBS delivers the System Integration (SI) which is required to achieve our customer’s objectives. Based on our many years of technology and know-how in business restructuring and system construction, we offer high-quality and high-cost performance services. In accordance with our customer’s purposes, we select the semi order-made approach which is based on BBS’ unique development environment and system templates, as well as the package approach and custom-made approach.

Sustainment & Managed Service

We consider that BBS’ value is to embody our proposals and lead them to the next stage. Therefore, we think that we have responsibility to instill the new structure, and follow up the accomplishment. Also, as our customers partner, we will search for new tasks and support our customer’s business with our continuously evolving full-support services. We provide this series of activities as a sustainment service. BBS Group offers BPO solutions in the accounting, finance, HR, payroll, labor, and IT fields. BBS’ outsourcing services are provided by our human resources with specialized know-how and knowledge, such as certified accountants, certified tax accountants, social insurance consultants, and SEs. We go beyond simple paperwork, and provide high-quality services and support our customers to improve their productivity and quality, and reduce their costs.