About BBS

About BBS

Management Innovation
A Concept Aimed at Corporate Development That
Continues Into the Future

In a business environment in which competition is intensifying all over the world, companies are being called on to engage in an ongoing process of reformation and to respond promptly and appropriately to market needs that fluctuate frequently, in order to come out on top and continue to grow.

The "Management Innovation" concept advocated by Business Brain Showa Ota is a philosophy and a core concept that is aimed at helping companies to achieve continuous development and growth as a going concern.

Through "Management Innovation", we help our customers to make a streamlined, rational management style an integral part of all kinds of business models and all kinds of organizations.

Thoughts which we put into "+S"

BB+S BUSINESS BRAIN Management Innovation

Our company logo mark symbolizes three "S".
We put the following thoughts into these "S".

Spirit ― Professional spirit is BBS' mission. Stage ― BBS' service is to develop a new stage. Success ― BBS' pleasure is to see our customer's success.

The whole BBS group works together under our three "S" spirit, and creates positive values as our customers' management partner. BBS Group's management principle is to do our utmost to enhance our customers' corporate values.